The Beginning of Conciousness Reference to Paulo Coelho – The warriors of light: The warrior is an ancestory feeling of survival through battling competition. In contemporary society the warror within us call to use what gives us the edge to be a difference in competition. The capitalist system within ancestory is a hhierarchy which up […]

The fast When you fast your restrict your body but you broaden your minds appeal to different ‘quality of life to set the minds eye to be hungry to receive. Feed your mind to satisfy the material needs by depriving.  “F.Nietzsche – quote picture on insta “

Everything I write actually happens, Everything that I write is felt , Everything is felt by the will to do . A hand that moves the pen is moved by the words because the ink is merely a framework.

It is possible to listen to a musical artist and see them in another point of their existence.  God loves the subconscious.  So you all live because God is planted in the subconscious of existence. God always lives as God therefore, a beginning and End are the gods of time.  However, time is not as […]

To get someone to grow there has to be a cause. So two can socialise I the thinker must be the effect of a greater cause. An understanding of knowing how God boosts peoples natural esteem booster. 

10% consciousness is used for ‘reality’ what makes you think your actually using it. As for the 90% what prohibits you from accessing your stake at applying the 90% ? It’s the. 90% until you reach a desired stage of consciousness you won’t allow yourself to hinder your potential. Know  thyself  in order to use […]